Learn how bees pollinate our trees

Field Trips

Field Trips: $8/student

*includes 5 stations
1) Wagon ride through orchard - talk about trees and bees (educational)
2) Nature walk with scavenger hunt list (educational)
3) Jump Pad (in new location!)
4) Rainbow playsets (added 3 more!)
5) Corn maze (its back!)

Additional stations: $2 each
You may add up to 3 stations to your field trip for an additional fee.
1) snack-apple cinnamon donut made on site w/mini water bottle
~perfect for the wagon ride!
2) you-pick 2 apples-one for now, one for later!
*Students will be required to watch instruction video provided by Apple Creek Orchard.
3) apple slinging-3 tries each at the sling shot game

You-Pick only group activity: $10
1/4-peck bag of apples

You may book the class to only you-pick apples. 1/4-peck bag is about 9 apples. Everyone taking apples is required to pay the fee.
*Participants will be required to watch instruction video provided by Apple Creek Orchard.

Plan 2 hours
Field trips take 2 hours on average for large groups. This allows enough time for the students to ask questions and transition between activities. If you only have 1.5 hours, we recommend removing the nature walk. The other activities are grouped together in the same area. The price however remains the same at $8.

Please add 20 minutes for each additional station except for snack. Snack is enjoyed on the wagon ride. Classes choosing to you-pick can watch instruction video ahead of time or at Apple Creek Orchard the day of. Please allow 15 additional minutes to view video on site.

Schools may pay by check, credit card or cash. CC and Cash payments due day of field trip. Check payments sent from the school must be received within 2 weeks after field trip has taken place. Invoices available upon request.
We allow last minute adjustments.

Call Tami @ 507-333-7272 to book

Special guest Jim Jirik, Jirik Family Farms, speaks with students from Bridgewater Elementary about his bees kept at our orchard 🐝