Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Ableman's
Apple Creek Orchard?

Yes and no.
Dan Ableman owned Apple Creek Orchard until the summer of 2021 when Kevin and Tami Theis bought it from him. Even though they kept the legal name, Apple Creek Orchard, many in the community had already given it the nickname "Ablemans". We are the same orchard, but we have dropped the nickname and look forward to leaving our own legacy as Dan did after he bought it from the Sawatsky family in 1997.

Do you allow outside food?

Starting in 2023 we will offer a concession stand featuring pulled pork sandwiches, hotdogs, pizza, nachos, popcorn, and baked apple treats. We will also offer GF friendly options (see menu). For our guests with strict dietary restrictions, we do allow them to provide their own food for the day. If you are hosting a birthday party we do allow a birthday cake or cupcakes. No food, gum, cigarettes or beverages outside of water allowed inside the orchard, per MDA rules. Patio areas are provided near the concession stand.

How do I find you on social media?

Instagram - @applecreekorchard
Instagram Location - Apple Creek Orchard Facebook - Apple Creek Orchard
Web site -

Please use the designated social media addresses above or we can't see them! We love seeing the pictures and posts of you having a great time with us!

Do you allow dogs?

Dogs are not allowed inside the store or orchard, per MDA rules. Service dogs are allowed. You may let your dog out of your vehicle on a leash if you are waiting outside.
Please note we have our own dog Max who will walk around and say hi. He is very friendly but to avoid any conflict he is the only dog allowed unleashed. Thank you for understanding!

How much does it cost?

Tickets for entertainment: $10 each
You-Pick apples: $10, $20 or $30 
Apple slinging: $5 per bucket

Do you offer a discount for children?

If a child is capable of participating, they are full price. Babies are free. Individuals with severe physical or cognitive disabilities are also free.

Do you offer season passes?

Yes! Season passes cost $25 for unlimited entertainment. Apple picking & apple slinging not included. 
For our guests 60 and older, we offer a Silver Season pass for $15.

Do you offer apples by the bushel?

Yes! We sell our apples by the bushel. Please call the store @ 507-333-7272 to arrange pick-up. 
Haralson: $48
Premium apples: call for current price

Do you allow birthday parties?

Yes! We offer birthday party packages to celebrate the day with you!

Do you have farm animals?

No. MDA said we had to choose between you-pick or animals. We chose you-pick!